All Hail The #Tringle

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If you know anything about Jojo’s story you will know that it’s a pretty difficult one. The once flourishing songbird was squashed by her record label keeping her bound in a very tight contract. Well know years later and after she’s done a little growing up along with releasing multiple mixtapes. Jojo is back with not one but three KNOCKOUT tracks that she is calling a #Tringle.

“When Love Hurts” is a disco remnant track that will quickly get you dancing not matter where you are. It’s fast paced beats get the blood pumping and give of a very feel good vibe.

“Save My Soul” is a nice pop ballad that really shows of off Jojo’s range and flexibility. With a little bit of a R&B vibe, I could totally see this getting some air time on the radio. Last but not least is my favorite song on the album

“Say Love”, yes I’ve already belted it out in my car multiple times. But if there is one song that I think proves just how awesome Jojo is, it’s this one. It’s 3 minutes of pure musical bliss.

I’ve listened to these tracks at least 5o times and I can not stop. Jojo has returned and is better than ever. You can tell she really put in her heart and soul to make these tracks and really wanted to blow people away. I made sure to include the album on Spotify below just so y’all have easy access to it.

All I have to say is long live the #Tringle