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Now, if you know a little bit about me, you’ll know my favourite music genre is pop. But you’ll also know that I’m always open to anything. So when I heard about Lachlan Grant, who should please fans of Billy Bragg, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Green Day, I totally went for it. And I’m so glad I did!

Lachlan Grant is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand who developed his music throughout his travels in Australia, Canada and the States after graduating from Otago University with a Bachelor of Music. While at university, Grant learned about songwriting, but also producing. “I became driven and determined to produce the songs I was writing,” he shared on his official site, “and before too long I was slowly bringing them to life.” And bringing them to life, he did!

He indeed released an EP first, titled ‘The Drifting EP’. Written entirely by Grant, the 4-song EP was produced by Phillip Sawyers and mastered by Grammy Award Winner William Bowden. Grant’s debut album, ‘Cordial’ was also produced by Sawyers after the singer sent him a hard drive full of “all the music [he] had written and recorded to date.”

The album, released July 28, 2015, is full beautiful guitar melodies inspired by Grant’s journey to self-discovery. Many of the songs on his album, like my personal favorite “Searching For Simililarities” and  “Me And You”, are songs you’ll want to listen to with your eyes closed in order to really enjoy Grant’s talent. “Me And You” for example features Grant, a soft guitar melody, and a rainy-background —perfect combination. As for “Searching For Similarities,” trust me, you will not want to miss those electric guitar riffs and solos.

And though most of the album leans more towards Americana, the title track, “Cordial,” along with “He Who Dies” and “The Boy Who Lied,” feature heavier percussion and serve as a good reminder of Grant’s rock influence.

Overall, ‘Cordial’ is a very good representation of the person Grant has become in the past few years — driven, true, constant. Lachlan Grant is definitively someone you’ll want to hear more from!

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Pre Production & Production:
Produced & Engineered by Lachlan Grant
Lachlan Grant – Guitars, Bass, Vocals & Lyrics
Joey Klarenbeek – Drums & Percussion on Tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 & 12
Bevan Gardiner – Drums & Percussion on Tracks 5 & 6
Aaron Hosking – Bass Guitar on Tracks 5 & 6

Artwork photography supplied by Dean Opie @ Front Row Photo’s

Production & Post Production:
Produced & Additional Engineering, Editing, Mixing and Mastering by Phil Sawyers
Graham ‘Snowy’ Dyer – Drums & Percussion on Tracks 1 & 3
Phil Sawyers – Keyboard & Drum Programming

Graphic Design by Marika Holmstrom @

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