A Newbie’s Guide to Lollapalooza: Written By Someone Who’s Never Been Before

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You’re probably thinking, what is this guy doing giving me advice on a music festival he’s never been to?

I’ll tell you this…I feel the exact same way. But from trolling around on the internet and talking to my friends it seems like a lot of people actually have no set plan of action to take when it comes to trying to get the best experience out of Lollapalooza. Now I don’t know about you, but I paid an outrageous amount of money (#scalperssuck) So I want to have the BEST time I possibly can while on my 3-day music binge in Chicago.

So here is my list of what I think you should do/plan/bring to have the awesomest, bestest, most memorable time at Lollapalooza

– Make a plan of attack!

Let’s be honest. With a bazillion acts spanned out over 3 days. There is no possible way for you to see everyone. So I highly suggest planning out who you would like to see the most and going from there. My friend and I battled back and forth for hours. She loving indie-rock and I loving EDM and all things pop had many a heated debates. But in the end we finally came to a conclusion and I stand by our choices. I believe that this will make our experience slightly less frantic once we get to Grant Park.

-Bring lots of $$$/Register for LollaCashless

New this year is LollaCashless, it’s a way for you to speed through the merch, food & drink lines without having to pull out your wallet to fumble for cash. I for one think this amazing and can’t wait to try it out. But if you have a problem with trusting brand new technology, I say cash is the way to go! With only being allowed 5 in’s/outs a day you’ll probably want to chill in Grant Park. So having a little money to cushion the blow of basically eating out for 3 days straight probably wouldn’t hurt.

-Camelback, Nalgenes, Plastic water containers are a must!

You’ll be out in the sun for hours on end. You will get thirsty. You might even get de-hydrated. Lolla is awesome enough to provide free filling stations so you don’t have to worry about paying a pretty little penny every time you get a little thirsty. All I have to say is #HydrateorDie

-Get a locker

You want to be prepared for anything, right? So I’m suggesting getting a locker. This cool vendor called Entertainment Lockers is bringing not only lockers but a cell phone charging stations as well. You can pre-register for a locker here . Lockers w/ cell phone charging for one day rental are $15. While a 3 day rental is $40. It sounds like a good deal if you ask me. A place to keep your stuff and stay dry if it rains? I’m in!

-Be friendly

We’ve all been there. It’s hot, you’re impatient and all you wanna do is jam out to some of your favorite bands. I have a feeling that everyone is in the same boat you’re in. Don’t let the little things get to you. People will push, someone may cut you in line, things may go completely opposite as planned. But while all of this is happening try and keep a smile on your face and remember to use your manners. No one likes a sour puss, so don’t be that person who lets one small act ruin the experience for everyone. Thousands of people will be there. So the universe possibly can’t revolve around you.


I know this sounds incredibly corny. But c’mon, this event only happens once a year. It’s like gathering 300,000 of your closet friends for the biggest party of your life. It will definitely be an unforgettable weekend. So why not have the most fun you can? Go big. Yolo. Live, Laugh, Love.

Whatever floats your boat, go out and do it! (Unless it’s illegal, then like take a second a re-think your choices man)I know I have never been but I am beyond excited to experience Lolla for my first time. I’m basically bubbling over with excitement.

So there you go. That is a brief list of things I think you should do/plan/bring to Lollapalooza. Have anything else to add? Tweet me @ThatGabeGuy and I’ll post my favorite ideas!