A 4th of July Power Playlist

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As we mark another milestone in this year made for the history books, we celebrate a bit of a lackluster 4th of July. To compensate, we’ve thrown together a list of some of the latest and greatest music for you to enjoy in between swimming (alone) and watching fireworks (on tv).

Hope you still find some fun on your Fourth!

Caroline Romano – “I Still Remember”

Amy Jack – “Jack of All Trades”

Kanye West – “Wash Us In the Blood”

Levi Hummon – “Rock and Roses”

Amanda Kate – “Gypsy”

Madysyn – “Girlfriend”

Doja Cat – “Like That”

We The Kingdom – “Don’t Tread On Me”

Luke Bryan – “One Margarita”

Bailey Hefley – “Forever 20 Something”

Megan Thee Stallion – “Girls In The Hood”

And of course, the unofficial anthem of 4th of July: