5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Steven Tyler’s New Single

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If you haven’t listened to Steven Tyler‘s new country sound his first single “Love Is Your Name” you can download here. But Steven is back with his follow up single and it honestly reminded me why I fell in love with his music in the first place. You can purchase Red White & You here.

“If it was 20 years ago today or happening right now, ‘RED, WHITE & YOU’ is a shout out to everyone’s glory days,” shared Tyler. “It’s a let your hair down and drive off into the sunset with American girls makin’ dreams come true kinda song… I’M IN!”

Here are our five reasons why you need to purchase Red White & You:

1. Because he’s Steven Tyler and anything he sings is a masterpiece.

2. He blends classic rock and country effortlessly together.

3. You’ll automatically want to jam out to this with your top down driving (if it’s currently not snowing where you are).

4. Even if you’re in the snow, we won’t judge you when you rock out and hair flip to this track in your living room.

5. Your mom, dad, daughter, grandparents, and strangers passing by will all enjoy the music!

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