11 Ways Music Marketing Can Learn From Political Campaigns!

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The fine folks at New Gold Media Group and New Gold Management wrote an article I’d never even thought about or considered!

11 Ways Music Marketing can learn from Political Campaigns

  1. Finding the proper candidates.  Find the right artist/ band for the right fans. Make sure they are in it to win it, have the right attitude, and ready for the long haul.

  2. Positioning the candidate. Put the band into the market. Where does your artist/band fit in to the music market space? What niche do they fill?

  3. Polling the constituents. What do the fans want? If your music doesn’t connect with the demographic you are looking to reach, either amend your brand or your music, or if speaks to another demographic, focus your efforts on reaching those fans.

  4. Find political Allies for endorsement. Find your band competitive allies, entertainment industry, well loved persons to champion and noncompetitive brand allies. Publicly do campaigns and get their endorsements. Find partners with great connections and outreach skills in the areas you want to develop and the markets you wish to reach.

  5. Using various methods to reach wide voting demographic. If the music entity is looking to overcome the noise and create fans, do not fight for same market as all of your music competitors. When directly marketing to your teenage 13 year-old girl who is all caught up on One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, widen your market. Who can you reach? How? What can you bring to their life that speaks to a wider demographic? Look at how the politicians go after the average Joe on the street. Not just the internet my friend. When was the last time you saw a lawn sign for a band? hmm?

  1. Crafting their brand and engagement to the people they wish to reach. Polish your image and craft accordingly. Or bring the fans to your image and craft accordingly. Conform to the scene or create a new scene for them to come to you? New Genres make people interested. Triphopbilly, easycore, funeral Pop?

  2. Getting their voters and pack involved and do some of the leg work for the candidate. Make it easy for them to find and like you. Find your pact..Who is your pact? And how can you work with them to work with you? Find the excitement of your fans/friends and have them join your team.

  3. Poll again. Do outreach on social media, in the industry, the average 17 year-old middle-american teen again to get temperature on voting (I mean buying the single or attending a show).

  4. Go out and meet the public.

  1. Speak to the crowd..Go out and be vocal about who you are and what you represent.

  2. Shake Hands and Kiss Babies- Engage, Engage, Engage.. You have one chance for people to like you when they meet you. Make it worth their while. BE ATTENTIVE TO YOUR FANS.

  3. Show what makes you the better music and choice for a better musical America!

  1. Cause a bit of controversy to get people to be passionate. This one is a bit of a toss up for me. What I think it is saying is don’t be vanilla, find your voice, and don’t be afraid to be you and go against the grain, not like the next band/candidate.

  2. Reminders to get them to the polls. Vote Vote Vote! – One great thing about voting it is a way for your fans to speak out and make a difference. Another is that they can do it more than once! How does buying your single or going to your show impact their lives? How does buying a song for a friend make an impact?

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