Zayn Malik Releases First Solo Single “Pillowtalk”

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I can’t exactly describe how I felt during the countdown leading up to the release of Zayn Malik (known now as just “Zayn”)’s first solo single since leaving One Direction early last year. “Pillowtalk” is something I think many were hoping for but maybe not expecting. No one knew quite how Zayn’s solo music would sound as everyone was still pretty attached to the idea of him being an integral part of 1D.

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However, based on a single listen, this song is definitely a hit. It suits his voice incredibly well and I personally am pleased with Zayn’s first solo release and am looking forward to more. The video centers around Zayn and a love interest portrayed by Gigi Hadid. The video is a bit bizarre as it features naked women, some crazy abstract images, and Zayn and Gigi crying tears of blood. 

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If you’re into that sort of thing then this is the video for you! This is a far cry from Zayn’s One Direction days but a step in the right direction toward where he fits best in the world of music. He definitely seems more at home and hopefully “Pillowtalk” is just a small taste of what’s to come from Zayn. Check out the video below!

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