Yahoo messes up big time, drops “Blank Space” video early

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UPDATE: It looks like they went ahead and officially released the music video anyways…HAPPY MONDAY Y’ALL


I told you guys this wasn’t my last article about Taylor Swift! Well if you’re basically any human being right now, you’ll probably know Taylor Swift’s newest single “Blank Space” is already noticed as one of her standout songs on the album. In the wee hours of the morning it looks like the music video for it was released by Yahoo! However we weren’t supposed to see it till Tomorrow. #Whoops

Joseph Kahn, the music videos director, went to Twitter to explain what happened:

Of course being the super sleuth that I am, I totally dropped everything at work to watch it . Let me just say I HAVE NO CHILL, let me repeat NO CHILL over this music video. It is shot perfectly, Taylor is everything, everyone should basically stop trying because she wins. (Actually don’t because I love music)

Taylor totally hit it out of the park with this one, she makes fun of herself to such a point that its amazing while also beautifully capturing the problems of young love and relationships.

I’ll make sure to update you guys if anything happens, but I’m just saying. Get ready cause this video is straight fire!