Watch: The Voice Coaches and Jimmy Fallon Play “Spin The Microphone”

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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is hands down one of the funniest late night talk shows around. On October 26th, Jimmy Fallon had the coaches of The Voice come onto his show and play a little game called Spin The Microphone.
Much like spin the bottle, the judges had to spin a mic! Whoever it landed on then picked a card that had a song title on it. Then, they would choose to sing the song or pick another player to do it for them.
Jimmy spun first and it landed on himself. Instead of choosing himself, he chose Adam to hilariously cover Britney Spears’ famous “Oops I Did It Again.”
Next up, Levine spun the mic. Landing on Gwen, she chose a song from the bunch. Once seeing it was the “YMCA” she insisted Blake sing it instead. Blake’s rendition of course included the mandatory YMCA dance moves!
Next was the duet round. Blake’s spin landed on Gwen, and they decided to have Jimmy and Pharrell put their own spin on “It Takes Two” by Rob Base ad DJ EZ Rock.
The last round was Pharrell’s turn to spin. After choosing Drake’s “Hotling Bling,” Pharell chose Gwen and Blake to give it their best shot. Kind of funny when you think about the rumors that have been flying around between the two, right?

Jimmy Fallon always has the most hilarious segments on his late night show, and there’s no denying that throwing The Voice coaches into the mix made it extra special!