Top 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies!

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1. Nine Dead- This movie deserves way more recognition than it has. Nine people are in a room and forced to figure out how they’re all connected or have a person die each hour.

2. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon- This is something you have to see to believe, having a reporter follow a murderer around isn’t what you’d think!

3. You’re Next- Have nightmares about being killed? Don’t watch this!

4. Contracted- To me some of the movie doesn’t make sense but it’s sure to keep you up at night with the possibility of you contracting someone like this!

5. The Final- Classmates that have been bullied seek revenge, in a most gruesome way that makes it your not so typical horror movie.

6. Hostel Part 3- If you’re at a bachelor party, don’t follow the pretty ladies!

7. Session 9- Cue a mental hospital and lobotomy testing, the ultimate freight!

8. The Den- Don’t use a webcam, EVER!

9. The Bay- This movie takes a small town and a crazy flesh eating virus to a new extreme!

10. American Mary- A med student does many unusual procedures that make your skin crawl!


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