The VMA’s Were Insane “Bro”

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Nicki Minaj started off the show in an extravagant red headpiece and sparkling red dress; sitting practically spread eagle. But honestly, could we expect anything less from our girl Nicki? She began with her song “Tini Dem Girls” (feat. Lunchmoney Lewis) with choreographed dancing, dancers dressed in tribal styled clothing. She then transition to her current hit “The Night Is Still Young”, while walking to the end of the stage for a new choreographed dance. This is when the REAL “OMG” moment happened, Nicki’s ex Twitter rival Taylor Swift joined her on stage to sing along with her. The duo finished up with a duet of “Bad Blood”, the song that created their Twitter drama in the first place.


Macklemore followed Nicki Minaj with a literally “moving” performance of “Downtown” while strolling through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. A continuous shot of the rapper turned into one big party when joined on stage by three rap icons, Grandmaster Caz,Melle Mel and Kool Moe Dee.


The Weeknd kept things simple, hitting the stage alone and killing his song “Can’t Feel My Face” with amazing vocals. Shots of a dancing Taylor Swift, with moves EVERYONE can relate to, in the audience along with several other famous names jamming out created a fun mood. His finale was literally on fire; flames engulfed the stage around the singer. I think its safe to say those in the front row couldn’t feel their faces… ya know… because it was so hot? I’m sorry.


Demi Lovato looked ‘Cool For The Summer’ during her swimsuit and beach themed performance. Dancers in brightly colored swim caps and one piece bathing suites made it hard to resist putting your shades on and hanging by the pool. There was a surprise appearance from Iggy Azalea, who has seemingly been avoiding the media and public of late. The two danced together as she rapped, once her verse was complete Demi finished up her song with an epic finale of crowd surfing in a giant inflatable pool.


Another simple performance by Tori Kelly was absolute perfection. Alone on stage, just a girl and her guitar and epic vocals; “Should Have Been Us” was just as good/if not better live. The crowd could not help but sing along and admire this talented musician, even without a flashy stage or background dancers. This is the mark of a true talent, who can get a round of applause with just using her voice.


Pharrell’s high-energy performance of “Freedom” kept the show rolling, so far there was not a single dull moment; patriotic dancers kept the crowd on its feet.


Twenty-One Pilots and A$AP Rocky had the most difficult performance time; right before the finale. This means the crowd is a bit tired and ready for things to end, so they had a lot on their shoulders. Luckily, their high-energy performance had the audience pumped and ready for whatever the night had in store. This particular collaboration was extremely impressive as the artists basically created a single song by combining “HeavyDirtySoul” and “Lane Boy,” off of Twenty One Pilots album Blurryface, and “M’$” and “L$D” from A$AP Rocky’s AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.


Host Miley Cyrus finished out the show out with her new single “Dooo It” off her new FREE album “Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Animalz”, which is found on Bright colors and psychedelic background art, combined with several talented transvestite dancers made for quite the show. Band mates dressed in animal costumes, confetti cannons shooting from her crotch, we finally got an actual glimpse into what goes on in Miley’s head. We also found out that she smokes pot, loves peace, and IS NOT a hippie… so don’t let the pigs win.

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