The Ugly Boys Showcase Musical Talent with “Smoke and Sunshine”

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From Santa Cruz, California hip-hop trio The Ugly Boys are quickly making their name with their unique music. Consisting of Quinn, Jacob, and Sam, recently released their new single titled Smoke and Sunshine.

Smoke and Sunshine is about the California forest fires that we experienced toward the end of the summer. The song is a reflection of the contrasting feeling between the days where the sky was a dark brown, and the days where the weather was clear.” explains Ugly Boys.

With their current release, the trio accustomed to the current world wide situation in a unique way.

This was the first song we’ve ever made partially remotely! Quinn recorded his part via Zoom, and the production was almost fully done over a Zoom meeting as well.” explains the trio.

Earlier this year, the trio released their debut album titled Game of Chance and then continued with the release of their first single Life Could Be A Dream which gained over 500k streams on Spotify.

With their social media status, TikTok shines out above the rest. As most of our country has turned to TikTok for a creative outlet, the trio has just done the same. Since their previous release, they have grown to 611k+ followers on TikTok and continue to create viral videos each consisting of original sounds.

You can learn more about The Ugly Boys by connecting with them on Instagram.

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