The Catching Discuss New Single “Lighter”

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The Catching have been…well catching, a lot of attention lately for their EP “Teen Fiction: Part 1”. Now Holden, Jake, Evan and Drew teamed with Tim Byrne, who helped launch super group One Direction (ever heard of them?) and they’re ready to take over the world. Lead singer Holden Glazer took the time to talk with us on teenage antics and DigiTour.

SRS: Hey guys! You are just about to release the music video for your single “Lighter”. What was filming the video like?

“Hi! The experience we had filming the Lighter video was really cool!! Most of the shooting consisted of dramatic scenes of either me (Holden) singing, the band and I rocking out, and our lead actress conveying her emotions. All of these things came together to embody what the song is about and intensify with the songs dynamics. Marc Klasfeld and his team did a wonderful job at bringing it to life. The white background also really showcased all of the vibrant colors. Overall, it felt very professional and surreal.”

SRS: “Teen Fiction: Part 1” is out now (and awesome by the way), when can we expect a part two?

“Thank you!! Really appreciate that. As of now, new music is in the works, however we are going to take the time to make it the best it could possibly be. There isn’t exactly a specific date or exact time period planned, but the earliest you can expect it is in mid 2017.’

SRS: The album focuses on teenage antics but you’re all still in your late teens yourselves, right? What advice would you give to your thirteen year old self?

“Yes, well the concept behind “Teenage Fiction” is about how teens think they know everything (including us), yet still have so much to learn. The experiences we go through are very real, but we only are able to approach them with a youthful sense of morality or emotion. I would tell my 13 year old self to not sweat the small stuff and give everyone else, what you want to be given, and the right people will come to you.”

SRS: So, you’re currently on the DigiTour Winter, how did that come about?

“Yes we are! We were connected with their people as a result of our successful YouNow broadcasts. After they watched and were impressed we discussed us joining the tour and it worked out. It’s been fun!”

SRS: Is there something you can’t live without while on the road?

“We all couldn’t live without our neck pillows in the van. They are very comfortable and basically keep us from having serious neck issues after long drives. Food wise, we live on pizza.”

SRS: You lot are super popular on the social media platform YouNow. What is it about the site that you love?

“YouNow is awesome because it allows us to connect with fans in a way that other platforms cannot. We can be ourselves and show our true personalities and have our banter. That’s a lot of fun for us. Also we are able to really showcase our talent by playing acoustically. Being tight acoustically shows that a band or artist has a strong foundation in terms of talent. The fact that fans can see that from us is really cool!”

SRS: Did growing up in Asbury Park, New Jersey effect your music style?

“Absolutely! Especially given the fact that it allowed us to creatively express ourselves by playing out hundreds of gigs on the shore. It’s a cool community and we are proud to be a part of it.”

SRS: And you’ve played the iconic Stone Pony! Was there a feeling of awe or nerves or a bit of both?

“Maybe at our first show there was a nervous excitement, but at this point the Stone Pony is our stomping ground. We’ve played there twenty plus times, we’ve won their battle of the bands out of seventy acts, and have become very tight with the entire crew so much that we get into some shows for free. It’ll always be one of our top favorite venues.”

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