The Cab Lock Me Up Review!

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On April 29th, 2014, fondly known as Cab Day to dedicated fans, pop-punk band, The Cab, released new music for the first time since their 2011 sophomore album, Symphony Soldier, in the form of new EP, Lock Me Up.

The title track is by far the strongest. The pounding drums and heavy guitars make it a strong rock anthem that is both catchy and something you can dance to.  Following “Lock Me Up” is a complete change in pace with “Moon,” a synth heavy, electro-pop track with good dance beats that has the potential to be a very popular radio-single. The third track, “Numbers,” is where the EP starts to go downhill. The lyrics are cliché and the melodies are a boring mix of R&B and pop we’ve heard in every Justin Timberlake song ever. Except not nearly as catchy.

Disappointingly cliché lyrics appear again in “Stand Up,” but at least this song is relatively fun and catchy. Interestingly, the pacing is reminiscent of reggae music, which is a totally new sound for The Cab.  Finally, we have “These Are the Lies,” which is wholly unremarkable. It is stereotypical, boring, and it has way too much synth.

I know for a fact Alex DeLeon is an amazing singer but you would never know by listening to this EP. It fades into the mundane pop that floods airwaves but doesn’t make any lasting impressions. Additionally, this EP is all over the place. Every song is completely different from the other. It does not sound like a cohesive unit, but rather a bunch of reject songs from other albums that just don’t fit anywhere else. The songs don’t work together, which makes the EP sound messy.

If you are a die-hard Cab fan, this EP doesn’t sound anything like The Cab as you know them. Now, I have no problem with artists playing with or changing their sound, but after over three years of no new music, The Cab should have a better idea of where they are going. There are some moments of talent and potential, but overall, this EP has no directionality.