The Best of Pop/Rock 2015!

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The new year is almost here and as you prepare to ring in 2016, let’s reminisce on the world of pop, rock, pop rock, and everything in between in 2015. Check out some of our favorite artists, albums, and videos of this year!

5 Seconds of Summer


This was no doubt a HUGE year for 5SOS. From the release of their album, Sounds Good Feels Good, to their concert documentary, How Did We End Up Here?, there was no stopping these guys. We got to see the boys of 5SOS bare just about everything on the cover of Rolling Stone and watch Michael literally go up in flames. Fans also couldn’t contain their excitement over three new music videos for the boys’ singles “She’s Kinda Hot,””Hey Everybody!,” and “Jet Black Heart.” The latter really connected with fans as it featured a vulnerable side of not only the band but of the fanbase. 2015 has been a big year for 5 Seconds of Summer and they’ve succeeded in becoming more connected with fans and creating music that mirrors the struggles and desires of just about everyone.


twenty one pilots


2015 is all about Blurryface! This album was truly a huge success for twenty one pilots. It was much anticipated by fans and charted at number one on the Billboard 200. Fans got to experience the album firsthand on the Blurryface World Tour and those who weren’t able to make it were treated to tour highlights and update videos. If there’s any album to have on repeat throughout your New Year’s party, it’s this one!




We all love a new band to obsess over, right? Many, including myself, found this in 2015 through the breakout group, DNCE. Their debut single, “Cake By The Ocean,” was surprisingly popular resulting in a multitude of new fans and a sold out tour. If 2015 is any indication of where this band is headed, they will be one to watch in the new year. DNCE’s EP SWAAY is available now!


Demi Lovato


There’s nothing quite like Demi Lovato. Her musical style has evolved drastically throughout the years but somehow seems to maintain the same message. Demi is a big supporter of self confidence and her latest album, Confident, is no stranger to the concept. This album mirrors her battle to not only connect with fans but to connect with herself and find her own confidence. Not to mention there isn’t a single track that won’t make you feel some type of emotion or the overwhelming urge to dance.


Fall Out Boy


We were lucky enough to see Fall Out Boy kick off 2015 with the release of their album American Beauty/American Psycho. This album was another Billboard 200 number one featuring the singles “Centuries,” “American Beauty/American Psycho,” “Uma Thurman,” and “Irresistible.” The band went out on the American Beauty/American Psycho Tour which ran from May to October in support of the album. This album was a great start to 2015 as fans got an amalgamation of FOB throughout the years in one eleven track disc. The band we’ve grown up listening to is still going strong and 2015 saw them prove to everyone that they are still capable of making great music that lights a fire in the eyes of new and old fans. There’s much to be expected from Fall Out Boy and with each album it seems impossible for them to disappoint.


Panic! At The Disco


This year has been nothing but excitement for Panic! fans as we eagerly await the band’s newest album Death of a Bachelor (set to be released January 15). While we’re used to falling head over heels in love with everything this band puts out, the singles that have been released off of the new album so far have been a far cry from the band’s most recent album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! The singles, “Hallelujah,” “Victorious,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” and “LA Devotee” have done nothing but increase the anticipation for this new album. There’s a new depth to be expected from Panic! along with a vulnerability specifically connected to frontman Brendon Urie. As Urie has become the sole member of the group, this new album is a representation of himself and his musical development over the years.


Justin Bieber


If anyone can make a comeback, it is most definitely the Biebs! We began the year with “Where Are Ü Now” and rounded it out with “Love Yourself.” On the pop/rock spectrum, Bieber’s latest album, Purpose, will definitely get you your pop fix with a twist. We’re all familiar with the teen pop Bieber is known for but this album may catch you by surprise. It incorporates electronic elements as well as R&B along with the familiar Biebs sound. This pop star could be seen branching out into much more in the coming year and I can’t wait.


One Direction


2015 was a year of highs and lows for One Direction. With Zayn’s departure it was difficult for fans to keep their spirits up and look forward to the boys’ fifth studio album. Things became even harder when it was confirmed that One Direction would go on a hiatus at the end of the year. Luckily for us, the release of their album, Made in the A.M., helped us get through our eventual acceptance of the break (maybe). The album proved to be just as successful coming from the four-piece as the band’s previous albums. Fans were reminded of what makes One Direction so great and why they deserve a much-needed break.


Hailee Steinfeld


This year is definitely one for young artists. One that stands out particularly in my mind is Hailee Steinfeld. She joins the likes of Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara who have exploded onto the music scene, singing hits that far surpass their older music industry peers. Steinfeld’s single, “Love Myself,” was definitely successful among her loyal fans and put her name out there as an artist to watch. Her EP, Haiz, is available now.


Tori Kelly


Talk about a breakout artist! Tori Kelly is the epitome of natural talent. It’s hard not to love this girl. She stands out to me as one of the best artists of the year by far. She proved to everyone that you don’t need much when you have raw, incredible talent. Her debut album, Unbreakable Smile, was released in June hitting number two on the Billboard 200. There’s still so much to see from this talented young artist and 2016 will no doubt be another big year for her.


What are some of your favorites of 2015?

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