Stop Everything: One Direction just released the music video for “Night Changes”

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I’m admitting it. I’m absolutely on the Directioner bandwagon (again) after this music video. First things first, the boys have come a mighty long way from thier X-Factor days. In fact I would even call them fully grown men. Yet, even though their age has increased and their looks have changed these guys are still singing about heartbreak and young love.

In this music video we see all 5 guys on different dates that end up going horrible wrong. The best part is that this video is shot in a POV format, where it makes you feel like the guys are singing right to you! (Hence why I’m love with them again) Looking into Nial’s eyes, imagining touching Zayn’s hair and can we talk about Louis? If you need me I’ll be in my grave, because I’m dying from the cuteness of this music video.


But seriously…am I the only LIVING for Zayn’s new look?