SRS Goes Inside Saved by the Max!

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Sup, preppy? You might have heard about a diner that looks pretty similar to The Max from 90s NBC sitcom, Saved by the Bell, but what you might not have heard is that we got to check it out!

What is considered to be “elevated diner faire” is a whole new take on burgers, milkshakes and more! In addition to the excellent food and service, an entirely visual element is added to the experience. From an exact replica of The Max to Principal Belding’s office and Miss Bliss’ classroom, each table is an adventure in its own. Although reservations are pretty much booked until the end of the year, there is always room for more preppies each night.

We recommend the Mac and Screech, Tori’s Fried Chicken and one if not all of the milkshakes on their menu. Don’t believe us? Check out this gallery of the deliciousness in all its glory. *heart eyes emoji*

In addition to eating our weight in food, we got to sit down with one of the creators of Saved by the Max to get all the details of its creation!

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