Slow Sugar Mesmerizes With “Pieces”

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Pieces” by Slow Sugar. That’s all you need to know. Experiencing heartbreak and being left into pieces is one of the most excruciating pain because it’s not physical, you don’t know it’s going to heal within the next few weeks. Fixing your soul and heart is a work in progress. That’s what this song is about. It’s about being so intertwined with someone and having to find and love yourself after a break up.

The lyrics are strong and reflective of personal experiences.

“My eyes were locked in your gaze, I couldn’t look away – so blissfully blind”


“Got all the pieces, so I’ll find peace

All that I needed, All that I needed

Was all of me I know that we needed to break

So I could see myself outside of your embrace”

There have been many songs about self love and break ups released within the past year but there’s something about Slow Sugar‘s “Pieces” that beautifully words the process of pain turning into triumph.

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