Sammi Sanchez Talks New Single “Deeper”

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Sammi Sanchez’ latest single “Deeper” is out now and it’s safe to say, the young Latina is very excited!

SRS: “Love the Latin flair on “Deeper”! What was your inspiration for the song?”
SS: “Deeper was a song I wrote about my ex. I remember being at an LA party and seeing him. This was soon after we had broken up. I remember feeling this feeling of deeper. I felt something not necessarily sad or happy but I just knew me made me feel deeper in my feelings and vulnerable. It was a song about acknowledging how I felt in that moment.”

SRS: “Should we be anticipating a music video for “Deeper”?”
SS: “We just finished up editing a lyric/visual video! coming very, very soon!”

SRS: “Can we expect an EP or LP in the near future and would it include songs completely in Spanish?”

SS: “I think that’s definitely something that could happen! Right now were focusing more on getting some singles out but that has been a talk with the whole team for sure!”

SRS: “Who are your biggest Latina inspirations?”
SS: “Selena is a Latina American icon. I will always look up to legends like her as well as Jlo since I grew up listening to both!”

SRS: “Are there any stereotypes you wish to break about being a young Latina singer?”
SS: “I’m just tired of seeing Latinas in a box because that’s what is “normal”, it’s okay to do something out of the ordinary :)”

SRS: “How do you feel about Latin songs like “Despacito” (currently number one on iTunes) becoming so popular around the world?”
SS: “LOVE THE SONG. I can’t stop singing it! I’m obsessed with Justin’s melodies as well! I think it’s great he sang in Spanish and he did an amazing job with his accent!”

SRS: “Being signed by Randy Jackson is a pretty HUGE deal. What is the best advice he has given you?”
SS: “One thing randy has always told me was to go with your gut and do you. He has always said to believe in myself and to be myself in my music. Thant is something that helped me grow so much as an artist.”

SRS: “YouTube is where you got your start, posting some incredible covers. How do you feel about people covering your songs?”
SS: “I think it’s so awesome! I love seeing covers of my music. it makes me so happy that my music moved them in a way that they wanted to sing it too!”
SRS: “You did a lot of moving around from city to city growing up, how did that affect your outlook on music?”
SS: “It gave me so much insight on different styles of music and different cultures which I believe has only expanded my music knowledge and taste!”