Sam Hunt Hits a Grand Slam in 2015!

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Now I’m probably the last guy that should be using any baseball terms, but it only seemed fair since we rarely seem to see the brown eyed beauty that is Sam Hunt without a baseball hat on.

This Country music newcomer has been making waves ever since he dropped his first single “Leave The Night On” in 2014. Ever since then he’s been booming through our speakers and quickly becoming the soundtrack to Summer 2015. This singer turned songwriter is now back with his 3rd No. 1 Single “House Party” 

While I’m pretty sure you’re mesmerized from watching Sam Hunt party it up in the above video. Don’t miss out on your chance to party with him in person during his Lipstick Graffiti Tour or on the Crash My Playa Tour in Cozumel, Mexico. He has a few dates left, so run don’t walk on over to SamHunt.Com  to purchase your tickets now.


Or just to stare at that beautiful smile. That beautiful, beautiful smile.

Sam Hunt