Sage Charmaine Playlist Takeover

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Sage Charmaine has an awesome brand new single, “Around”. Well, we got around to talking with the LA-based singer on the song and she even did a playlist takeover that you will have on repeat for the rest of the weekend…or forever.


On the Song:
“The song is about constantly feeling like you’re being looked down upon because you don’t have the same level of “clout” or huge ass “following” as others — which has nothing to do with experience or talent. Like, just because you came out here a year ago and got lucky on TikTok doesn’t mean you’re more legit than someone who has been working hard to write/record/perform their music and build their career for years. That’s what I mean by ‘Bitch, I’ve been around'”

On the video aesthetic:
“I take a lot of my personal aesthetic from visual artists who are very colorful: like 90’s artist Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert and Takashi Murakami — who use rainbows and bright colors in practically all their work.”

On the video concept:
“I wanted to use my real friends in the video because I wanted it to be super authentic, because I think people respond most to authenticity and being real — I didn’t see the need for “actors” when I have a whole group of friends who already cool as shit and wear cool shit. I thought it would make the video even more fun to watch, realistic and relatable.”