Rizha Unveils Stunning Limited Album Box Set!

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I told you she’d keep on giving!

Tamara Luz Ronchese is ready for this new era, and she wants to make sure her fans are too! Today, the singer, who goes by Rizha, celebrated the launch of her album pre-order session by unveiling its stunning design and visual.

The first few lucky fans that’ll pre-order the album (on either Amazon, FNAC or El Corte Inglés) will get the record in an Exclusive Limited Signed Boxset that will include:

  • A physical copy of the album OUTSIDE (11 tracks), that includes an introduction to this intro-space trip,
  • A comic drawn by Russian artist Kara Woods,
  • Bitácora’s Diary, a journey through the songs of ‘Outside’ written by Rizha.

The earth and space design of this boxset resonates perfectly with the theme of the singer’s new era. Rizha indeed uses NASA recordings as a common thread throughout the album, as a way to tell its story.

“It’s a project I’ve been working on for more than two years, I’m very fond of it, and I was dying to release it,” the singer shared. Outside is the result of many years of development for the artist. This is a more mature album, where Rizha shows a steady evolution in her career: “I think releasing this album is a very important and necessary step, both for my career and for me personally. This album is different from what I’ve been doing since I started, but it’s the most ‘me’ I’ve ever done.”

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