Reba McEntire Back With Season 2 Of Spotify Podcast

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Reba McEntire keeps on “Living & Learning” in the second season of her podcast, which premiered on Spotify today!

In “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire,”  Reba McEntire is letting fans join her journey to discuss and grow with some of her famous friends.

Hosted by the beloved country music icon, “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” is inspired and informed by the way beloved country music icon and host Reba approaches life: with an insatiable curiosity, dedication to expanding her knowledge, and reliance on her own lived experience. Every Monday, McEntire continues to tackle numerous topics through informative and intriguing conversations with a variety of celebrity guests.

Spotify – Living & Learning with Reba McEntire Season 2 Episode 1:
In the first episode of the season, Reba is joined by her boyfriend Rex Linn, for a deeply meaningful conversation. This is the first time the two of them are letting fans get to know them as a couple as they discuss their love, losses, careers, and more. The couple ends the premiere episode by playing a game that covers how much they know about each other from their guilty pleasure on Netflix to their favorite song along with how they communicate and more.

Spotify – Living & Learning with Reba McEntire Season 2 Episode 2:
Episode 2 features fellow country icon Trisha Yearwood, connecting in ways like only two country legends could!


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