PREMIERE | Jake Beck Releases New Single & Video “Back Then”

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Challenging the very definition of music production in the digital age, whether through social media, on the world stage, or in his hometown of Toronto, Jake Beck is a veritable maestro dabbling in every conceivable musical genre. The artist pushes the very boundaries of what music “could be”, never focusing on what it “can’t be”.

Today, the Canadian artist premieres his new single “Back Then”, along with the music video.

“Back Then” is a layered R&B-inspired electro-pop track that Beck spent a long time writing. “I have never spent as much time writing a song as I have on this one,” he shared with us. “I went through a few years of living in the middle east during what would have been an otherwise long-distance relationship.  When that came crashing down and I returned to the west, the wounds were difficult to mend as they were steeped in the romanticism of travel as well as the reverse culture shock I faced upon returning home, alone.”

Beck produced the song himself and recorded vocals with Ashton at Morph Productions while his friend Jesse made most of the beat. “These are two talented [dudes] and I strongly believe that what makes great producer is their ability to maximize others’ strengths, like an entrepreneur.”

“Back Then” is a journey through Beck’s emotional vulnerability and healing process. “Staying up at night writing this song was the only emotional consolation I had so I truly left a piece of myself in this song,” he confessed. “I like to think that people can feel that for themselves. I want people to take away hope from the song. Seeing another person humble themselves to the point of vulnerability necessary to write such a piece should leave them inspired. I go through a lot when I write so that others don’t have to. I like to think that healing can come from listening to another’s product of their own healing.”



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