Pop-Punk Artist Scout Lyons Releases New Single “Stalker Song”

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​Pop-punk artist Scout Lyons once again captivates the music scene with her latest single, “Stalker Song.” The fresh release, which dropped on the most fitting date, Friday (October) 13th, promises to be the perfect eerie addition to your playlist. 

“Stalker Song” is a bold departure from the ordinary, offering listeners an exhilarating musical journey filled with captivating guitar riffs and a punk essence that’s impossible to ignore. The song is both creepy and fun, taking its audience on a rollercoaster ride through the mysterious world of a social media-inspired crush turned stalker.​

You can watch the official music video below.

​The music video for “Stalker Song” is a visual masterpiece, embracing the perfect blend of spookiness and adorableness. In this cinematic adventure, we follow Scout as she sneaks around and watches a boy she has a crush on with a peculiar sense of fascination. With unexpected twists and turns, the video showcases Scout’s character playfully engaging in odd activities such as dressing as a giant teddy bear, hiding beneath clothes in a department store, sneaking into her crush’s house, and ultimately chaining him up in her closet.​

Scout Lyons invites her fans and music lovers alike to join her on this creepy yet utterly entertaining journey. Get ready to embrace your inner stalker (in the best way possible) and delve into the world of “Stalker Song.”