Parachute Not So Typical Album Review

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Parachute released their fourth LP today Wide Awake. Instead of the usual review, our editors Gina and Jacklyn decided to give their reactions after listening to each song for the first time.


1. Without You

Jacklyn: This song is perfect, the song reminded me of when the guy holds his boombox over his head for the girl. This would be the modern day version of that.

Gina: The beginning catches your attention, it’s very upbeat.

2. What Side of Love

Gina: Holy gospel choir that was beautiful.

Jacklyn: Magnificent beyond words. I love how it grew and builds throughout the entire song.

3. Jennie

Jacklyn: Why am I not Jennie? I love the hint of 80’s vibe. I kept humming along and couldn’t stop.

Gina: It was like if New Kids on The Block stayed the same age and wrote this song in today’s age.

4. Everything

Gina: THAT END THOUGH! The way the lyrics flow it sounds so pretty all of the time and I just wanted to cry.

Jacklyn: This is everything a girl wants to hear a guy she likes say, men take notes from Will! The violin got to me, listen to this if you want a beautiful slow song.

5. Lonely With Me

Gina: I love it when bands do the fun ending, you really feel like you’re in the studio having fun with them the giggling.

Jacklyn: Harmonicas are so underrated! Wow the cuteness and I love the

6. Love Me Anyway

Gina: This needs to be their radio single! Every song you’re like its so good then at the end it hits you like wow they’re so good and wow emotions.

Jacklyn: This is so perfect for radio, the production is great.

7. New Orleans

Jacklyn: Such a visual story. Wow. Soul and piano.

Gina: Will’s falsetto and all of the choirs, I can’t form a sentence.

8. When You Move

Jacklyn: This girl is magical!

Gina: Who is the girl?

9.  Getaway


Jacklyn: I don’t even know where my head is at this point.

10. Crave

Gina: I may or may not have been dancing the entire time.

Jacklyn: I kept clapping and singing along.

11. What Breaks My Heart

Jacklyn: Hear that sound? It’s my heart shattering.

Gina: Hear that? That’s my uncontrollable sobbing. Classic Parachute.

12. Waking Up

Gina: Good ending, great lyrics.

Jacklyn: That’s how you end an album, unexpected.



Gina: I liked it. I don’t think Parachute ever disappoints 4/5 stars. There wasn’t a song I didn’t like. Let us interview you again.

Jacklyn: They find a way to innovate and grow on each album. Always amazed. Best yet.

Jacklyn is the Editor In Chief of Stage Right Secrets. Jacklyn's photography and articles can also be found on The Recording Academy's GRAMMYPro, GRAMMYU, PopCrush, Taste of Country, among other outlets. Besides press Jacklyn is a "Jack of All Trades" working various jobs at local concerts and touring.