Our Exclusive Chat with Carvi

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What is the story behind your latest single?
I was feeling uninspired and quite frankly like I had no way out. I sat on my patio took two deep breaths and the first line came to my mind “nectar dripping out your mouth, sweetest honey all around.” it became a song about escape, and creating your own out. Since I couldn’t physically get out I made a place for my mind to escape.

When did you realize music was you’re calling?
Ive always loved music, and writing poetry. Music was something i did for fun, not really a career. I was working as an assistant to a music producer when one day, his backup vocalist didn’t show up. He needed the project finished ASAP as it was going live the next day. He asked me to jump in the booth and sing really quick. An hour later I was hooked! after that I slowly merged into music. It wasn’t until I started writing my first album that I really felt it was my calling. Up until that point I had only done work for other people. Once I found my tone, and what I wanted to communicate I found my place in the world of music.

How would you best describe your sound?
This question always gets me… pop music has changed so much over the years, as has genres in general. Everything kind of bleeds into each other…witch I love! so I would say “technically” my music is Low-fi pop. I’ve never been one for technicalities and what they stand for so for me it’s like… Lorde, Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah had a baby in brazil. lol

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I know its very moody and sometimes dark in sound, but my lyrics are over all sending a positive message. Easy to sing, easy to follow. With that said I want my listeners to listen to this album and know they are not alone. That being confused and figuring it out is part of life. That it’s full of ups and downs and that’s very normal. It’s okay to be happy this morning and sad tonight. NO ONE has their shit figured out. I don’t care who they are, that’s just don’t. If they tell you they do, they are lying. Trust.

Who are your dream collaborators?
Billie Eilish, Arlo parks, Adele, Betty who, Daughter, Lorde, Maggie Rogers , John Mayer, Years & Years, Disclosure.

Is there a possibility to perform your new music live?
Hopefully very soon we will make this happen! im open to ideas!

What are some albums that really shaped you as an artist?
There is really only 4 artist that shaped me… not really albums. Amy Winehouse, Adele, Frank Sinatra , Ella Fitzgerald .

What are some of your contenders for best song of 2019?
oh wow…. i don’t listen to much main street music so… if we are going with that then, ANYTHING Billie Eilish- When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

other wise: Super Sad Generation by Arlo parks ,that’s a banger. Light on by Maggie Rogers, that song makes me feel so many ways and I live for music like