PREMIERE | Only August Travels “Coast To Coast” In New Single

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The story Only August tries to portray through his music is that life is a journey. The singer connects deeply with his surroundings to create a unique and personal experience which he is then able to transfer into his songwriting and live performances.  The artist has been hard at work to bring his debut album to life, and today, we’re proud to premiere his single “Coast To Coast”.

“My career was the biggest factor that inspired me to write this song, traveling across the country from the east coast to the west coast encountering all the things that can go wrong,” Only August shared. “I’ve come across many obstacles, but each time they only push me to my limits in order to work even harder to achieve success. I have made it my goal and my lifelong journey to pick myself up, no matter how many times I fall. Nothing’s gonna slow me down.”

As his music reflects on love, he hopes that his fans will find a connection and dedicate themselves to grow from his experiences.

“Funny enough, I wrote the first verse for this song back in 2018. It wasn’t until years later that I was scrolling through over 600 voice memos and came across this hidden piece. I instantly felt the connection with it and developed it into something beautiful.“Coast to Coast was produced by me and Kyle Ashbourne, and we managed to find the perfect balance for what we were going for on this track. The recording experience was amazing. We used upbeat melodic tones and we were shooting for a simple, catchy hook that friends, family, and fans can sing along to. Ultimately, I want my fans to relate to this song in the sense that they are not alone in struggles that they may need to overcome. I wanted to deliver something happy and upbeat that listeners will be able to feel empowered and uplifted.”.  There is going to be trial and tribulations, but if you push yourself to your limits and never give up, you will reach your true potential.

“Coast to Coast” is a song of persistence, determination, and resilience. It tells stories of lifetime adventures, traveling across both the East and West Coast.


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