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Here It Goes Again – 22 million views
This Too Shall Pass – 9.5 million views
This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine version) – 44 million views
White Knuckles – 17 million views
The Writing’s on the Wall – 10 million views
Needing/Getting – 28 million views
OK Go has been famous for creating one take music videos that are so creative that the whole world needs to see them.  I was excited to attend the show because if they make videos like that, I couldn’t imagine what I live show would be like.  I headed down to the Fine Line Music Cafe, a venue that can hold around 600 people, and there was already a line of 200 people standing outside the door ready to get in.  With a small stage, fans were able to stand up front right by the band before they started.
A screen dropped down before the show started and a projector played a video of famous pop culture clips saying “OK” and “Go” and finishing with the Muppets’ Kermit the Frog introducing the band before they went into their first song.  During the show they had about 5 screens that would drop down and project videos during songs, and then drop to the ground to reveal the band.  It gave me the feeling of being in a music video but seeing the live show at the same time.
With such a small packed venue, it was nice to be so close with the band and that they could see all their fans from the stage.  After a few songs, OK Go’s singer, Damian Kulash started a quick Q and A with the audience.  Everyone’s first question was “Are you single?” which was the first question when later Tim Nordwind also asked for a Q and A. (Hint ladies, he is single!)  I also loved how Damian went into the middle of the audience to perform a song by himself on guitar.
Throughout the show there were two cannons on stage that blasted confetti at the audience in all sorts of colors.  I have never seen more bits of paper in my whole life but it was so fun to have it rain down over the audience all throughout the night.  Since the venue was small and packed with people, it did get VERY warm in there and there was a lot of sweat happening.  Confetti + sweaty bodies = everyone was apiñata. For the last song the band invited people on stage to dance and sing along with the band so it felt like a giant party! 

imageThis show was definitely for the fans and engaging the fans in the music and the live show experience.  OK Go released an EP last June called Upside Out and you can purchase that on itunes right now. OR you can pre-order their new album Hungry Ghosts that is supposed to be released in October and get a free download of the EP.  Also if you check out you’ll find many other things for purchase like signed vinyls, an art critique session with Damian and Tim, a custom art piece the band will create about you, personalized voice mail recordings, private concerts, and many many more.  Go check it out and see what interests you!