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MKTO “Bad Girls EP” Review

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MKTO fans rejoice. The duo consisting of Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley have released their four song EP ‘Bad Girls’, giving their fans a little sneak peak at their upcoming highly anticipated second album. The four songs all have completely different sounds allowing for a little something for everyone.

Their first track “Afraid of The Dark,” opens with a hip hop vibe that carries through the entire song. Tony’s sensual voice echoes the melodic lyrics while Malcolm’s intense yet protective rap will leave you wanting more. The duo have gone on record to say that this is one of their favorite tracks off the EP. Tony told PEOPLE that Afraid of the Dark is a metaphor for “I can be the light in your darkness.”

Up next, “Monaco.” This song has a more electronic sound, which we haven’t necessarily heard from them before. The duo uses this song as a gateway to talk about leaving your problems behind and waking up in a paradise like dream.

“Just Imagine It” has remnants of the pop/hip hop duos first album with a spin on things. Malcolm is rapping most of the song while Tony’s raspy voice can be heard in the background. This song has potential to be an anthem for everyone who needs a reminder that you can make an impact on the world.

The final track “Bad Girls,” is their current single. This track has a funky beat paired with a bit of a bluesy undertone that is heard through the entire song. Radio stations are slowly starting to get their hands on this single so if you hear it don’t be afraid to sing along because it’s definitely a jam.

MKTO has not disappointed with this EP, getting inspiration from all genres of music. We can’t wait to see what the talented duo has in store for us next!

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