Macaulay Culkin Recreates Home Alone As A Christmas Gift To Everyone

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‘Tis the season to re-watch 8-year old Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister destroy robbers in Home Alone, and if you’re really ambitious you probably venture outside of his Chicago adventures to his New York ones in Home Alone 2. However, today, Culkin topped his own childhood acting skills by giving us a very grown up version of Home Alone as the first episode of a new series called :DRYVRS. :DRYVRS is a new show based off of driving companies like Uber, created by musician, actor, and producer Jack Dishel. In every episode of him as a passenger, something goes hilariously wrong.

You can watch the adult Kevin McCallister suffer from PTSD and take it out on some unsuspecting thieves, and also remind us all that he was the cutest 8-year-old ever. It’s a pretty good Christmassy time! Watch the video below, beg for more Home Alone recreations, and keep an eye out for more episodes of Jack Dishel’s :DRYVRS.