EXCLUSIVE | LOVA Comes Of Age In Debut Album Grown-ish

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Swedish pop singer and songwriter LOVA has just released her highly-anticipated debut effort Grown-ish, and what a gem it is!

To celebrate the release, that’s out today via Republic Records, we caught up with the artist to talk about detailing one’s coming-of-age journey through honest lyrics and catchy beats.

Stage Right Secrets | Congrats on your debut album Grown-ish. How do you feel today?

LOVA | Excited, grateful, nervous, scared, proud!! All of the feels at the same time.

You touch on a vast variety of difficult topics, such as loneliness, post-breakup insecurities or even social pressure. Why was that important for you to talk about in this first effort?

I honestly just write about what I’ve gone through and the things that are close to my heart. I’ve always worked through things by writing songs so it feels very natural and liberating when I write about the things that actually matter.

To promote Lonely Ones, you had a chat with some fans. How did that come about?

I reached out to my fans and asked them if they wanted to talk about loneliness with me. I wanted to shine light on the subject since there are so many who are experiencing it during these times. And I thought that having an honest conversation about how we deal with it and post it on social media, could eventually help others feel less alone. I learned a lot from them. 

You’re releasing the album amidst a pandemic. Would you say being stuck at home has hurt you or helped you creatively? 

A little bit of both I would say. I have definitely been lacking inspiration. But since I was in the middle of finishing the album it actually bought me a lot of appreciated time where I could just dive in deep and make it become perfect. I think the process would have been so much more stressful if 2020 would have been like normal.


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