LISTEN & LYRICS | Courtney Cotter King Premieres “Fine Breed”

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Courtney Cotter King releases new single “Fine Breed,” premiering exclusively on SRS today!

A few weeks after releasing the live version on Youtube, Courtney Cotter King has just released the studio version of her new single, “Fine Breed.”

Born with a piano as an appendage, the singer has been inevitably attached to the keys her whole life. Growing up with pop-rock and jazz influences, the songwriter perfected her craft, eventually receiving a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. The singer released her debut album Rooftops in 2013 and went on to release a handful of singles, including one dedicated to parents of children with special needs, in the following years.

Now the singer is back with her newest effort, “Fine Breed”!

Fine Breed gives off 60’s at the beach vibes, showcasing Cotter King’s effortless ability to merge genres such as pop, jazz, and soul. It’s ‘growing up in the nest’ references are an ode to her close family upbringing and influenced the album’s title, Brood.

“Those boon times that gave me rays gave me my name.” “in the Arizona Sun we never catch cold”….that’s false, we do but I wanted to add this line in there because I have AZ pride,” Courtney Cotter King shared. “I want to convey a message that people do have happy childhoods in a big family and aren’t always lost in the mix, you know?”


In a rut of a very fine Breed
Well nigh to a rookery
I’m the baby of the family
Seen like a waxwing

Stayed awake through the dog days
Ran around near the hedge and the hay
Those boon times that gave me rays
Gave me my name

A year in a life
Will fly by
But a year in a life
Aint a life without you

Memories in the ole periphery
Sittin, eatin, tweetin, livin at ease
In the Arizona sun
We never catch cold

A year in a life
Will fly by
But a year in a life
Without you
Aint a life

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