Rising Artist Kendra & The Bunnies Showcase Latest Music Addictions

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Let’s introduce you to newcomers Kendra & The Bunnies.
Most recently, the band released their new 15-track album titled “of Consideration.” The album is a folk-rock ‘n roll sound with San Francisco intonation and an arena rock LA vibe. Recorded at the famous Hyde Street Studios (formerly known as Wally Heider Studios), there’s a wide showcase of soul and artistic creativity to discover in the project. 
Exclusively for Stage Right Secrets, Kendra put together a compilation of her latest music addictions that she’s been listening to which includes Taylor Swift, Meg Thee Stallion, Janis Joplin, and countless other talented acts.
You can listen to the 10-track playlist below.
You can learn more about Kendra & the Bunnies by visiting her website www.kendraandthebunnies.com.