Jonathan Freeland Releases Music Video with “South Outta Me” (Watch)

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Singer-songwriter Jonathan Freeland creates a unique anthem in country music specifically for the city transplants from the country with the release of South Outta Me.

So many people come to the city to start a new life completely separate from where they came from,” explains Jonathan. “However, for me, it only reinforced the things that I love about simpler living. The pursuit of success and materialism that runs NYC is extremely lucrative for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and having personally gone through a serious bout of burnout from being a “do-it-all” creative, I began to look back on what makes life outside the big city so appealing.

This new single plays off the themes of Jonathan‘s previous release, “I Left My Heart In Powder Springs,” but approaches it in a more lighthearted, lyrically savvy manner – perfectly affirming that no matter while you can take him outta the south, there’s no taking the south out of him.

With his infectious brand of twang-tinted, emotionally infused songwriting, Jonathan Freeland is not afraid to define himself as an emerging powerhouse in modern storytelling.

Freeland‘s lyricism leaves no stone unturned and brings a refreshing twist to some of the genre’s most noted subjects – life, love, and sometimes, a little too much whiskey. “I’ve always joked that I’m ‘to country for the city and to city for the country,’ and I have a feeling I’m not the only one,” explains Freeland.

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