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What are the odds of two people, who have their own musical careers, reconnecting on Facebook after years of not seeing each other? The odds we’re VERY good for Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith, also known as SmithField.

Jennifer and Trey began their musical journeys at a young age. As a little girl, Jenn and her family would go to Opry’s in Texas, which is where her love for country music began. After spending her whole life performing, it wasn’t until she went to college that she had started writing music and learning about the business and what kind of artist she wanted to be.

When Trey was younger, his dad used to play the guitar and sing to him and his sister, which is where his interest in music started. Years later, Trey discovered the Goo Goo Dolls and connected with the way Johnny Rzeznik wrote songs. It was also in Trey’s college years that he fronted a rock band, which has helped him formulate plans and ideas for the success of SmithField.

After spending a lot of their childhood days together and then going their separate ways for college, Trey had messaged Jennifer on Facebook about becoming a country duo in the near future. Jennifer recalls that message from 5 years ago, “I was super hesitant at first because I was doing my own thing, and I knew I had to give it a try since he was a long time family friend and it would be rude if I said no lol.”

In 2012, Jenn and Trey made the big move from Texas to Nashville to get their foot in the door. Although the duo had been going in the right direction, there were still some major set backs with creating and releasing their first EP. “We landed a record deal that pushed us to write for our first record for a year. Then when the label folded, we were on our own to make the EP”, Jennifer said.

Through donations from fans and people who believed fully in the Smithfield sound, Jenn and Trey were able to not only produce an EP that is completely them, but they were able to grow more as artists.

One of the many things that sets SmithField apart from other duos in their genre, is the way they present their music to their fans. “We don’t think what we do is as much about the message, as it is the feeling,” Smithfield said. “That feeling when you’re about to go out on a Friday night. Or that feeling when someone catches your eye, and for a few seconds, your mind’s going crazy. That’s what we’re trying to make people feel in a song.”

Smithfield have big plans for the rest of the year. They will continue to open up for artists like Eric Paslay, Scotty McCreery, Randy Houser, etc. As well as release their first music video in October, and even open up their first online merch store!

If you’re in dire need of new music, look no further thank SmithField 🙂

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