Introducing Paul McCartney…

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New year, new music. New collaborations. More importantly, Paul McCartney and Kanye West collaboration. Two legends. Two internationally acclaimed artists getting together to make music that appeals across generations and genres. Or maybe just one legend, according to Twitter because after the release of their new collab single, “Only One,” came out, Kanye fans took to Twitter in the world’s most embarrassing fashion, making the rest of us ashamed to inhabit the same planet. Tweeting everything from giving congratulations to Kanye for boosting an unknown artist’s career to asking who the f*** Paul McCartney was, reading through these tweets made my brain melt through my ears. So here’s a little lesson in music history for those of you currently lacking in that department.

Meet Paul McCartney:

He was in a really famous band back in the 60’s. They were super influential…and British…and all the ladies loved them. You could even say they started a “Revolution.” It was a “mania.”


If you haven’t figured it out yet by the super iconic album cover and horrible puns, HE WAS IN THE BEATLES. Inarguably one of the most influential bands of all time. Whether you like them or not, you should at least be familiar with them. Otherwise you kind of end up making a fool of yourself. Take this fellow for instance:

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Just so you know, the four Beatles are John Lennon (the one that got shot by the dude that REALLY liked Catcher in the Rye…guarantee there was that one music snob in your high school English lit class that wouldn’t let your teacher forget it), George Harrison (the one that shares a first wife with Eric Clapton…not that you’d know who Clapton is if you can’t identify the damn Beatles), Ringo Starr (he plays the drums…kinda), and of course PAUL MCCARTNEY. MCCARTNEY, THE GUY WHO WROTE AND/OR CO-WROTE THE BEATLES HITS YOU KNOW AND LOVE. HEY JUDE ANYONE? LET’S TRY LET IT BE. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND?


He wasn’t just a Beatle either, ya know. They broke up in 70. He’s been doin’ stuff. Following the Beatles, he was in Wings. You might know them for a little song called “Live and Let Die.” Guns and Roses did a really famous cover of it. Ringing any bells? No? I’ll keep going.

He’s released 24 solo albums.

He has written or co-written 32 number one singles on Billboard Hot 100-more than any UK artist ever.

His song “Yesterday” is the most covered song in history.

He headlined the 2005 Superbowl halftime show.

He performed with former members of Nirvana Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear as the closing act of the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief, which was seen by approximately 2 billion people worldwide.

The Beatles are a 7-time Grammy award winning group and are in the Rock Hall of Fame.

McCartney was inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1999.

Wings are a 2-time Grammy award winning group and McCartney has won 2 Grammy’s as a soloist. For those of you bad at math, that’s 11 Grammy’s. Pretty good for an “unknown” artist.

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So now you know. You can run around and spew facts at all your musically uneducated friends and give them a good slap across the face when they say crap like the poor soul above tweeted. Cause really? I can’t tell if people are just dumb, failing at being uber sarcastic, or society has actually fallen this far. So now it is up to us. If you have a friend in need of a good old fashioned history lesson, obnoxiously share this article on their Facebook page multiple times or something. They’ll get the hint sooner or later and then no one will tweet stupid things like this and the world will be covered in rainbows and puppies. Or at least it will be populated with people with slightly higher music IQs.