Interview with Miggs!

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Recently, we had the pleasure of having the members of the band Miggs answer a few questions for us! As if we weren’t huge fans already, they definitely won us over with how real and outspoken they were while answering out questions about their new music, a different process of releasing music, and even what TV shows the binge watch!


Stage Right Secrets: You guys just released your new single ‘Bad Things Happen.’ What can you tell us about it?

MIGGS: We love it…we can tell you that! And if you love your music aggressive but thoughtful, so will you! It’s like a workout to play live with lyrical and musical challenges for each of us. It was a song where I knew what I wanted to sing about, but it didn’t really find its way until Charlie Midnight [Don’s co-writer for much of the music coming out this year] said ‘they split the atom…bad things happen!’ and we laughed but found the emotional center of the song.


SRS: As a band, you decided you were going to not release a full album in 2015, but release two singles a month, Digital 45 style. What as the reaction been like from your fans, and can you see yourselves doing more stuff like this in the future?

M: Well, I can tell you it wasn’t our first choice! We LOVE albums and a collection of music with a theme or message but the general public has spoken, loudly, about what they want and that isn’t albums for the most part. What can you do? We hope it shifts back one day and we certainly aren’t done making ‘sets’ of music but our last album 15th & Hope was one full of songs we loved but when the first single didn’t make the charts, we were told the album was dead and we couldn’t bear to let that happen with these songs because we think they’re too good.

The Digital 45 concept allows us to feature two songs a month, make one of them free to the public, and to give these songs a spotlight for 30 days that they may not have gotten if they were the sixth song on a traditional album. Guess we’ll see.


SRS: You’ve been a band for the better part of 10 years, and have played shows with some incredible acts. Do you have a favorite show you’ve ever played?

M: Typically it’s the last one we played. We take what we do really seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. We want to be the best band you’ve ever seen live and the size of the audience or the location of the show doesn’t faze us. You give us our jobs and we work hard to earn the right to share your time with us.


SRS: Lyrically, where do you find your influences?

M: Don writes most of the songs and says ‘I wake up and put the antenna up. Simple as that. I participate in life. I listen (he doesn’t listen as well as talk, frankly!!!). I read and I’m always digging for a better way to say something. To feed you back your life through our music.’


SRS: What’s your favorite venue to play?

M: So many! Howard Theater in DC, HOB in Chicago, Straz Center in Tampa, and the list goes on and on!


SRS: Growing up, what was your dream job?

M:Doing interviews with people like you because you listen to our music. So thank you for letting us dream.


SRS: If you could create your dream tour, who would be the opener(s) and headliner(s)?

M:Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, U2, Springsteen and miggs getting 30 minute opening set.


SRS: Do you have any TV shows you watch religiously? If so, what are they?

M: This is Don again. I hate TV so I watch things after the season ends. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, House of Cards, Newsroom…HBO seems to have it on lockdown with great programming and Netflix ain’t so bad.