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Do you enjoy bands like The Killers, Coldplay, and Imagine Dragons? Well, what if I told you there was a band out there who embodies all three of those bands in their own creative way? I know… we’re excited too! Check out our interview with your new favorite band… AyOH.
I have to ask… where did AyOH come from?

AyOH is a Chicago formed band arriving from all over the globe.  AyOH first came to life when singer Avi Dell (from Pittsburgh) met with drummer, John Arrotti (from Chicago), to work on some original tunes.  Avi gave John some recordings that he had been working on including demos and simple lyrical themes and the two quickly formed a strong collaboration.  Within a few months they had over a dozen original tunes.  Our bassist Lin (from Thailand) and guitarist Austin (from Seattle) contribute creatively in an ever increasing way.

So, explain your sound to someone who has never heard your music before.
AyOH delivers a powerful stage performance rooted in Rock’n’Roll soaked in the age of Dance Pop.  A Chicago blogger appropriately coined the description of us as, “Sweaty Blue-Eyed Soul”. Our shows are an experience, a party, and a sing-along.  We dance our asses off and so do our fans.

With all of you being from different parts of the world, how does this effect the band’s chemistry?
We all get along extremely well. At the beginning we would argue about stupid some things, but once we realized that even through we might have a different approach we all want the same thing, which is to create awesome music and share it with the world. Once you can recognize that for what it is the arguing stopped. It’s been nothing but love…

What has been your favorite show you’ve ever played so far and why?
We had the opportunity to open for Childish Gambino and GroupLove.  There is nothing like 5 thousand people screaming your songs back to you.

You’re getting ready to play some dates during SXSW, what was your initial reaction when you found out your band was going to play such a huge event?
We’ve kind of had to take everything in stride.  We’ve always known that a trip to Austin for SXSW was on the road map, but we’ve been so honored and surprised to be invited to plan on so many stages.  it’s like once the word got out that we’d be down there opportunities just kept presenting themselves.

Where do you draw inspiration from lyrically?
Lyrics can be a tricking thing.  When I sit down with pen and paper Inspiration comes from everywhere.  From my nieces and nephews to my experience in the Israeli army.  but we’re fortunate enough to play so much that when we’re in the writing stage often lyric come to me while playing the songs live.

What’s the fan reaction been like to your new album, ‘Dangerous Questions’?
It’s been really great! What’s been so cool about this collection of songs is that there’s something in there for everyone.  So our fans have been really happy with what we’ve delivered.  Plus the cool thing about new songs is that we’re gaining all sorts of new fans, it’s almost like we’re becoming a new band.

If you could create YOUR perfect tour, whom would you pick as openers and the headliner?
It would be pretty sick to see the Future Islands open for the Killers

As a band, what is the one thing you would like to accomplish in the next five or ten years?
We just want to tour and bring out music and message to the world.  We’re a live band and we’re hungry to get out on the road.  I’d love to spend the next 10 years on the road.

Do you have any TV shows you absolutely HAVE to watch every week, if so, what are they?
I don’t watch much TV (Avi Dell), but I’m pretty sure John (drummer) has spent the last few months watching all of the old Wonder Years episodes on netflix.  You can’t argue with a classic like that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this 🙂 We appreciate it!
Thank you so much for all of the support! It’s been a pleasure chatting.

To learn more about the band, go check out their social media!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ayohmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ayohmusic
Instagram: @ayohmusic
check out their website as well! ayohmusic.com