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Imagine Dragons “Origins” Album Review Track By Track

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If there was ever an album you should listen to in its entirety in the track listing’s order, it’s Imagine Dragons’ latest album Origins. The band has almost been around for a decade and yet each album becomes their best yet and brings unique sounds only the band can create. In nine years, it’s a wonder how the band is able to literally defy genres yet bring so many influences into the song. Each song is a completely different work of art yet at the same time, seamlessly flow together nicely. The songwriting from front man Dan Reynolds, has brought the band to another level.


These are the first thoughts that come to mind while listening to each song for the first time.



Having this song as the lead single for the new era of Imagine Dragons is a perfect fit. Dan’s vocals are out of this world, and one thing I admire most about the band is the fact that his vocals are the same if not better live (not to mention their live show is completely out of this world). The heavy rock influence made me think the entire album was leaning towards a harder vibe, boy was I wrong.



I was surprised how catchy this song was, it’s a simple song that you can sing along to by the end of the song. The song focuses on being pulled back into a relationship you thought you ended.



This song has the same vibe of “Natural” and personally is my least favorite song off the album.  The song focuses on defiance and not being bought or selling out your inhibitions.


Cool Out

Simply put this song is a light-hearted breath of fresh air. A song you can groove to which showcases more of the indie/electronic side of the band. If you like Coldplay, this is the song for you.


Bad Liar

Brings the electronic elements back. Dan’s falsetto is showcased in the bridge. The lyrics tell a story from the point of view of a parent and is simply stunning.


West Coast

I never thought I would hear folk/country music from the band. I was surprised at how good they sound in the realm of Mumford & Sons and Chris Stapleton. I would love to hear a full acoustic or folk album from the band. The lyrics aren’t to be overshadowed telling a story of love.



This song offers throwback production from the 80’s in a new way. The song offers a misfit anthem to kids and adults alike.


Bullet In A Gun

Beautifully produced and arranged, think rock version of a lullaby.



Hip hop meets rock anthem for the new generation wanting change in the world with a technological aspect. I can see this song playing in a club with everyone rocking out to it. The lyrics are pleading for change, sick and tired of hearing the same thing.



This song has so many vibes thrown together in layers of different genres.



This is the most hip hop influenced track that begins as a sort of sing song rap. Dan sings that he’s taking the fault of a relationship ending and singing praises of his loved one while asking why he can’t let her go.



Everyone in this country needs to read the lyrics to this song. The song asks where we all went wrong and is a true sentiment in what turmoil the world is in today. The first word that comes to mind after listening to the song is iconic.



This song I will be humming along to after finishing this album. A pop ballad with lyrics that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.


Burn Out

More of a laid back song compared to their rock anthems, I could see Maroon 5 singing the song.


Real Life

This song encompasses the album tackling a variety of worldly issues we’ve faced and are facing today. It’s one of Dan’s best story telling songs to date.

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