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SHOW REVIEW – Hit the Lights

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Hit the Lights showed the loyalty of their fans and their love for performing during the kick-off date of the Strength

in Numbers, S.I.N., tour at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois.

With their new album “Invicta” a little less than two weeks away from releasing, the band gave their all and proved that they knew exactly what they were doing onstage. By the first verse of the first song, 2 crowd surfers were passed around the flood of fans and fans were engaged and participating in their performance as if they were on the stage.  Almost every person watching appeared to be singing every lyric to every piece. They did not disappoint live – their playing and vocals were the same, if not better, than their recordings.  Photographers, merch workers, and venue employees belted out the lyrics and enjoyed every moment of the performance. During Breath In, it seemed as if everyone in the room were apart of the act and each individual had the responsibility of fulfilling their role in the show.  Words can not express the connection Hit the

Lights develops with every person in the room when they take on their role onstage.

  I’ve been to over a hundred concerts and I can say I have not witnessed a fan base like theirs.  After attending this show, I believe that they are one of the most talented bands out on the market. I would definitely spend my money going to their shows and I recommend any other person to do the same.  Check out Hit the Lights on the S.I.N. tour and pick up their new album, “Invicta,” dropping January 31st.

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