Exclusive: Harper O’Neill Confesses To Her Only Crime On Brand New Single “Guilty”

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It’s confession time on singer-songwriter Harper O’Neill’s brand new single “Guilty” premiering exclusively on Stage Right Secrets today. Recently taking the first prize in American Songwriter’s 2022 Songwriter Contest for her song “Somebody”, Harper is back with a groovy, haunting melody that culminates in a passionate profession to the object of her infatuation. We caught up with Harper to discuss the song, her writing process and what she’s got coming up next including a packed summer of touring. Read on and check out her brand-new song “Guilty” below plus don’t forget to pre-save ahead of tomorrow’s release now! 

“‘Guilty’ is the first song I ever wrote with my now pals, Jacob Bryant and John Davidson (The Brummies),” Harper shared about the new single. “I think the inspiration for this song really came from the overwhelming feeling of loving someone who might be a surprising match for you. We sort of fell into this one vibe first. I remember tossing around a bunch of ideas, then Jacob finding the groove of the verse and then the pieces slowly falling into place. After we finished writing the chorus, I think we all felt that we found something really cool. The song sat as it was for about a month, then we got back together and made some final tweaks and John put together a wicked little demo!”

It’s not the first time Harper has gone into a writing session vibe-first. As with most artists, songs can come about a million ways but Harper insists her favorites always start the same. “My writing routine is always changing,” she says. “It depends a lot on what is inspiring me and who I’m working with at the time. However, my favorite songs I’ve written have all started with a feeling.” 

One of her favorites? Her previously release single “Somebody” surely makes the list as it earned her first place in American Songwriter’s 2022 Songwriter Contest. The honor came along with a $10,000 prize, high-quality studio equipment, a Gibson guitar and more! 

Now represented by QPrime (Ashley McBryde, Brothers Osborne, Brett Eldredge), Harper is hitting the road for dates with Morgan Wade right now with more plans to join Lainey Wilson, Ashley McBryde and even appear at Bonnaroo next month. According to Harper there are no plans to slow down anytime soon. “Fans can expect….a lot more music! I’ve been working on music that I’m proud of with people I’m proud to work with. I’m excited for everyone to hear the music and do what I love the most… play it live!!” 

With “Guilty” Harper is laying the foundation for an impactful summer. Her gift for songwriting and impressive vocal control create a soothing listening experience that keeps us hitting repeat. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the Texas native. To keep up with Harper follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok and be sure to see if she’s hitting a city near you here

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