Exclusive Q&A with The Cher Show’s Micaela Diamond

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The Cher Show is the Tony award-winning show about, you guessed it, CHER! It is a jukebox musical featuring all the songs you love with a story based upon three stages of the icon’s life. Micaela Diamond plays “Babe” Cher and we got the opportunity to chat with her about her experience before the show closes on August 18.

What was the audition process like for The Cher Show?
I had my first audition two days before leaving for Birthright Israel and three weeks before leaving for Carnegie Mellon. Got a callback and painfully waited the whole trip to hear the future of my life and ended up having to go in ONEEE more time! After having a fun work session with our director, Jason Moore, I booked the gig thirty minutes later. (Still with a not so great Cher impression but a determined heart ready to learn.)

Is there any advice Cher gave you?
She said to play her painfully shy and that as she grew up, she didn’t get less shy, just better at hiding it. And to be very much “Micaela”.

Do you have a favorite Cher song?
I adore “Way of Love”. Her phrasing in that recording is brilliant and it’s such a sexy, unmasked song. I feel like she has everyone in the palm of her hand when singing it.

What do you hope audiences take away from The Cher Show and what have you taken away yourself?
I hope audiences take away a strong sense of female empowerment. The three Cher’s on stage and in real life really do support and pick each other up. I hope women…and men, leave the theater wanting to lift up other women in their lives like we do during the show.

I have taken away a sense of freedom in being unapologetic. On stage, being exactly where I am that day in whatever truth that is and sharing that with an audience every night has been quite thrilling.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time in the show?
Hard to choose but one of my favorites is singing “I Got You Babe” with Jarrod on opening night. It’s smack in the middle of my “section” and to feel the wave of love coming from our house that night felt like the biggest high of my life.

What is your favorite costume from production?
My favorite costume is my “Beat Goes On” yellow get up. It’s sweet and comfortable even on days when I’m bloated. We also added that number pretty late in the game and sweet Bob just pulled it out of his vintage closet. I will never forget slipping it on in Chicago, Bob zipping it up and it fitting like a glove. Everyone just stood there like…”this is it, this is it.”

What is next for you after The Cher Show?
Next?!!! Ask Cher! Just kidding. She won’t even know. We chose a business where we have zero control. So I can just hope it’s something that makes my heart change shape and has people who love and adore what we do.

What happens when a Broadway show closes?
Well, we all hug a lot and acknowledge that it’s sad but so very exciting to see where we all go next. Producers do what they got to do and we keep hustling on!

Hopefully, there is a revival down the line of The Cher Show. Would you be open to playing Lady or Star?
HMMM! Totally. I think that could be a joy to do at an older age.

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