Exclusive Q&A: Echosmith on “Lonely Generation”

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Multi-platinum alt-pop sibling trio Echosmith just released their latest single, “Shut Up and Kiss Me”. The track is off their new album Lonely Generation, out January 10. Sydney and Noah got to chatting with us on the new album, new tour and new nuptials, forever proving that they are “Cool Kids”!

What was the writing and recording process for your new album Lonely Generation
Making this album truly felt like a journey of discovery for us. We did most of the work together as a family, with Jeffery David, our dad, producing the record. I also got to really add production as well, which was so much fun this time around. We made it in our home studios, so we had a ton of freedom to create whenever we wanted. We loved the way this record came out, and all of the stories we got to tell on it. 

Do you each have a favorite song on the album?
My personal favorite is “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Love.” I think its production feels really innovative. I also love how heartfelt Sydney sounds singing those words. It was a really beautiful moment getting to write this song together and let this story out. This video on this one turned out amazing too and I can’t wait for people to see it. 

Is there ever a fear of “is this too personal” to release?
That feeling certainly can come up, but I do think it’s actually good to chase that feeling. Music that is impactful is personal, and that requires a bit of discomfort. I hope people can hear our own story really clearly on our record. Life is strange and beautiful, and we tried to lay that all out the best we could! 

What can we expect from your Lonely Generation tour?
We’re so stoked for this tour. We’re putting a ton of work into the preproduction, so I think the fans will get to see us do things we’ve never done before. Plotting out while new musical moments that can transport all of us into the musical heavens. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
We usually just pray nothing goes wrong. We’ve had all sorts of wild things happen during shows, so we just try our best to avoid those issues! 

Sydney, congratulations on your recent nuptials. What a stunning wedding! Have you written any songs inspired by your husband Cameron?
Ahh thank you!! I am so unbelievably happy and thankful. There’s a song on the record called “Follow You,” I actually wrote a few weeks before the wedding and surprised Cameron with it as our first dance! 

How do you balance being siblings, friends and bandmates?
I think it just requires a lot of patience for each other and taking the time to communicate our appreciation for one another. It’s amazing what we get to do all together, but it can be all too easy to forget what a gift that is. 

Your music has a core theme of positivity and inclusivity. What inspired this? How do you guys stay so positive?
Honestly, I don’t necessarily think of myself as super positive, but I suppose I see music as a medium for people to connect through. Life is hard enough, I’ve certainly seen that, but being able to connect on that mutual experience can be so helpful. We always try to incorporate some sense of hope through our music as well, cause it’s not just important we know other people feel pain too, it’s crucial we find some sense of hope through the difficulty of life.