Exclusive Premiere: Midnight Memories’ “Everything”

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“Everything” is the new track from brand spanking new EDM producer Midnight Memories. Midnight Memories, an anonymous project out of California, is offering a new spin on electronic music. The multi-layered single takes the listener through electronic landscapes that offer a unique listening experience. Sentimentality is key, as the lyrics are infused with feeling and personality. The lyrics and emotional melodies evoke a sense of possibility and speak to themes of being in love and taking chances. The track’s release is just in time for the spring, as the energizing and hypnotizing sound quality is perfect for warm evenings spent with friends.

As the name Midnight Memories suggests, the project aims to recreate elements of the late night hours and relies on the fusion of nostalgic guitar rhythms and dreamy piano compliments. The project’s anonymity offers the listener a more individualized experience without the influence of external information. By not having anything expect the listeners own cognition, it helps to develop and encourage a more personal connection with the track that can vary from person to person.

“‘Everything’ is a special song to me because it perfectly encompasses what I call the ‘Midnight Sound’. When I make music I try to portray a vision of emotions and romance while striving to create an uplifting vibe… and I think this song embodies just that.”

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