Exclusive Premiere: Laughed the Boy’s “Sun”

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Laughed the Boy began as an outlet for honest and unpretentious 90’s nostalgia-inspired songs. After splitting time between writing songs intended for video games and his own solo material, he decided to combine the two into one project when he went into the studio with his brother Sean to record their EP “Out of the Blue”. The band’s catchy melodies and fuzzy guitar playing drew comparisons to artists such as Weezer, Sloan, and Pavement. The two brothers added bass player Brennan Hrehoruk to the lineup and began playing the songs live. While rehearsing for shows, the trio ended up with an album’s worth of fresh material and headed into the studio once again to record their debut full-length LP Here is Fine released in 2017. After a busy year that saw the band tour while also releasing 2 new singles, the trio slowed things down and took a patient approach to writing and recording their follow up album “Change of Scenery.” Working with producer Dylan Frankland, brothers Chris and Sean spread recording sessions out over 5 months, crafting each song to represent a different mood while adding new elements such as piano and violin. “Change of Scenery” will be out August 9th.

“Sun” initially came from me repeating to myself what eventually became the verse of the song, and humming the chorus while at work. I’m often outside staring at the sun while writing so I just started rolling with it. I was looking at my plants and how they’re always reaching and growing in the direction of the sun. I thought of it as sort of a metaphor for being obsessed with a certain goal or idea not even knowing why, but you just keep chasing after it.

The song was produced by Dylan Frankland (Tallies) at Candle Recording. I liked that the finished product was dreamy but still packs a bit of a punch. My favourite part of recording it was having Hannah Bussiere Kim (Luna Li) come in and layer all the violin tracks on top of each other. We kept recording take after take and she kept playing new things which is how we ended up with the climactic and dreamy string section near the end of the song.