Exclusive Premiere: Grizzly Coast’s “Half-Light Boy”

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Grizzly Coast is the musical project of Toronto based indie-rock musician Alannah Kavanagh. Her background as a poet, mixed with her lifelong affinity for playing music led her to blend the two mediums on new single “Half-Light Boy”.

The jangly, folk-fueled song was written as a confrontation she knew she would never bother having with someone that once held an important place in her life. The video to be released soon, presents the hardships of letting go in an eerie, horror-esque homage to one of Alannah’s favorite series, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Grizzly Coast showcases both an expansion into full-band indie rock territory and a commitment to free falling deeper into her lyricism on the song. This year, she is set to release a string of singles to promote her anticipated full-length LP.


“I was walking back from the grocery store one evening lugging too many bags for one girl to carry comfortably, passed by a venue, and noticed that someone who had once held a big place in my life was playing a show there that night.

This person was someone who I had once felt close to and who I had always strongly supported. Not getting the invite to their show that was right in my neighbourhood left me feeling pretty small, so I went home and wrote the song as a confrontation that I knew I would never bother to actually have.”

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