Exclusive: Novul on New Music

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With a slight name change and a new single out, get ready to fall in love all over again with Novul!

What inspired your name change from ‘Novel’ to ‘Novul’?
I ended up changing my name spelling because I felt it was more artistic, plus everyone for some reason kept calling me No-vel and I had to keep saying ‘Noooo its Novul.. like a story!’ Plus it just helps to not confuse new fans if they’re searching me.

Tell us all about your new single “Boys Like You”!
My new single “Boys Like You” is very groovy. I think people of all ages will appreciate this track. I also feel a lot of people will relate to this track lyrically, and that’s what I’m most excited to see – the feedback and connection with my fans, knowing I’m not alone with having these types of feelings.

Can we expect a music video for “Boys Like You” as well?
The video will be dropping October 12th and I’m so excited for my fans to see it. It definitely portrays an edgier side of myself, that I haven’t shown in a while.

What did you learn while taking a break from music?
I never took a full break from music, I was in the studio writing and recording. I just haven’t released anything since last year because when I release something I want to make sure it’s just perfect and right. I’m not just going to release music to release music, my art comes from true emotions and meaning.

Can we expect more singles and an EP down the line?
Yes, I’m going to be having a follow up single coming out not long after, which will have a music video that’s a continuation from the “Boys Like You” music video.

How do you feel growing up in a small Canadian town molded you into the artist you are?
I believe growing up in a small town has really kept me grounded as an artist.

What is the best part about performing at Pride?
The best part about performing at Pride is connecting with all the fans. Everyone’s energy is so uplifting, accepting and loving. It’s quite the high!

You are quite a fashionista! Do you have any specific inspirations?
Oh, well thank you! It’s funny cause no matter where I go I always make sure I look my best, because when I look good I’ll feel good. I even record in high heels, standing for hours in a booth. My producers think it’s funny because other artists come in sweat outfits and sneakers. But me? Nahhhh.. I wanna feel and be a star.