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They could almost be a superhero team…

Three fashion-forward larger-than-life personalities with their own signature skills comprise San
Antonio-native and now Los Angeles-based trio Minus Gravity. Maintaining runway ready-style,
Mic Apollo not only rhymes and sings, but he also cooks up beats behind the board as a
producer. Always fresh, battle-ready Sir Blaze holds down the brazen bold bars with southern
swag, while bespectacled Rob Will adds the smooth soulful crooning through wild multicolored
dreadlocks.  The boys turn up with a hypnotic hybrid of hard-hitting hip-hop, R&B, pop, a whole
lot of rockstar attitude, and high-fashion flair. Not to mention, pushing boundaries is part of
Minus Gravity too.  You might see Mic Apollo rocking a purse or Rob Will sporting painted nails.
The guys are unapologetically confident and turn up every room they grace.
Your band name Minus Gravity has a great meaning behind it, how did the idea come about?

Answer: We went through a lot.  Everything you could go through moving to Hollywood.  At one point we were sleeping where we could nearly homeless and we overcame it so Minus Gravity became our name.  It means nothing can hold us down.

Your EP is in the works, how far along are you in the process?

 Answer: Our EP is done, and we are working on a lot of new music.  Can’t wait to share the EP because it shows a little of all our different styles.

What are your must haves in a recording session?

Answer :  Some tequila ahaa, maybe a cool girl or two but we can do without all of that actually.  The main thing is just good energy with us.

Do you have a favorite line or lyric off the EP?

       Answer: I just wanna live, let me live.

Options has a bit of different influences in the song, do genres matter to you? What would you describe your sound as?

Answer: We just have fun and whatever mood we are in usually transpires … it’s more mood music than a genre.

What made you decide to release Options as your single?

Answer: It was just a fun start to get people to loosen up and be themselves before we get more serious with the music.

How did signing with Capitol come about?

Answer: Just working hard, building good relationships and more work.

Fashion seems important to you three, and you’re even attending Fashion Weeks in various cities, what are each of your styles like?

Answer : We are actually at the airport right now in Paris leaving fashion week doing this interview off of our iPhone ahah.   All of our styles are different.  Sir Blaze’s style is in your face.  Mic Apollo keeps it kind of classy and Rob Will switch it up on you.

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