Our Exclusive Chat With Nick Hounslow

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If you are not already in love with Nick Hounslow, then you better get ready to fall head over heels for this actor, model and celebrity trainer about to star as Prince Alec in “Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal”!

How do you prepare to play a prince?
Well I’m British; so, I’m basically halfway there! In all honesty, I grew up in the UK closely following the royals; so, I just took what I knew already about how they act and behave and expanded on that.

If you were a prince in real life what are some changes you would like to implement?
Firstly, use my powers for good ….second, fix healthcare in America (coming from the UK I can’t believe how lucky we are!), thirdly take a loooooong vacation maybe for 6 months traveling after fixing health care… Although fixing healthcare here might take a second so that vacation may come in about 2087!

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How has Prince Alec gown since the first film?
From his initial playboy persona portrayed in the first movie, we see a shift in Prince Alec as he realises he has a duty to uphold. His father, the King, played by the amazing Charles Shaughnessy needs a successor and since his oldest son passed away it falls upon the youngest more irresponsible son Prince Alec to step up to the plate. However, that seems a little harder for him to do.

We see him shake off his soiled royal side and start to see a guy who is stepping up to the plate of responsibilities in front of him as the future king. Also for this first time ever he is truly in love and found someone who challenges him and has her own life.

You’re also a celebrity trainer. How did you get into fitness?
I’ve always been into fitness since I was a teen. Fitness is such a huge part of my life. I was overweight when I was a teen and bullied for it. I took matters into my own hands and educated myself. I qualified as a trainer at 17; so I could learn more and then started training others. Since being in LA I’ve helped other actors get into shape for certain movie or tv roles, traveling on set to foreign locations and managing their workouts and nutrition. I get the best of both worlds. For me, fitness keeps me sane. It’s my time to decompress, put headphones in and detach from the world even just for an hour. The bonus is it keeps you looking good. It’s 80% mental for me.

What is the #TarzanChallenge?
The Tarzan challenge was an amazing experience. I was approached by Warner Bros. to create an online social media workout as a precursor to the Tarzan Movie premiere. Each week we took viewers through different workouts until the release date. It was such a great way to get fans into fitness and even more excited about the movie release.

How do you balance acting, modeling and being a trainer?
Exactly that ….balancing…sometimes juggling …most the time it’s early mornings with clients from 4am… yes 4am…to changing into non workout clothes in the back of my car and learning lines driving to auditions from clients homes whilst trying to eat enough calories to stay alive to then reshuffling everything and using my amazing team of back up trainers to cover me when I go off on a movie!

Do you have a dream role to play? A dream brand to model? Or a dream client to train?
I would love to play anything created by Ryan Murphy. The man is a genius. Aside from that, I’ve always been obsessed with the XMen movies and would love to play an Xmen; something cool covered in prosthetics or blue skin!

I would love to shoot a Tom Ford campaign one day or even better be the lead of one of his movies. That’s the ultimate bucket list. I was lucky enough to have a small role in his movie “Nocturnal Animals” with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall. He was a complete gentleman and laser-focused on his work. It was amazing to witness.

I always wanted to train Gal Gadot and I had the pleasure of training her earlier this year and coaching her on a fitness shoot. She was just as amazing on-screen as she is in person. A lovely lady and a true professional.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on some really cool things that I can’t talk about just yet, but watch this space! It is also highly likely that Prince Alec isn’t quite finished yet … watch out Holiday Season 2020!